Discover A Simple Solution to

Transforming Your Relationship with Yourself, Letting Go of the Past, Feeling Less Anxious,

and Creating YOUR Most Beautiful Life

With coaching, a beautiful community, 24/7 resources & more....

Who Is This For

This is for any woman who wants

  • To Be Kinder To Themselves, Have a More Positive Self Talk & Self Worth

    Have you had enough of negative self talk and beating yourself up. Would you LOVE to learn to talk to yourself with compassion and care? Would you LOVE to believe in yourself and really know your own self worth? Then this membership is for you.

  • Let go of the past, move on, and become lighter

    We keep hurting ourselves with the past - what we have done wrong, and more often the wrongs that other people have done to us. It holds us back, limits our beliefs and our confidence, and doesn't serve us in any way. I want to show you how to bless and release and become free to move forwards lighter, happier, and more hopeful.

  • To Reduce Their Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, and 

    You will never feel alone in your journey ever again. There is the MOST BEAUTIFUL community of women you will ever find. Not only will you have Kate's coaching but a whole group of gorgeous girls that are on a similar journey cheering you on and helping you to feel empowered. It's like the challenge on steroids!

And please know when I talk about personal transformation... I was there too...

Back in 2016 this was me...

  • I felt so hopeless, so stuck, with no direction and no support
  • I felt so alone, and so lonely
  • I felt like I didn't have the strength to do anything about it
  • I felt like I didn't know where to start.
  • I knew I needed to lose weight.
  • I knew I needed to find joy again.
  • I knew I needed to do something for myself.
  • I knew I really needed help.

And over the years, as I've been coaching and changing the lives of thousands of women, all across the world, I've realise that there is the need for that place where we can feel like we're safe and we can share.

A place where we can get resources, help, ideas, expert coaching, fun ideas, activities, and more....but on top of that, a place where other women are on the same journey.


They understand how you feel. A place where everyone is so kind and empowering.  A place where we get together and feel like we're never alone as we go on a journey together and create your beautiful life.


And so I created my...

Signature Transformation Programme

For women just like you.

My beautiful clients who have finished the 12-week programme tell me they feel:

  • More confident

  • Much more positive in their mindset and about the future and far less anxious

  • That they love and respect themselves more

  • So much lighter! They can move forwards without the baggage of the past weighing them down.

  • They worry less about what everyone else thinks and wants and have learned to put themselves at the top of their priority list.

This isn’t like any programme you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure you're sitting there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how this programme could be any different than everything else out there.


Well, let me share a few things with you…

My Signature Transformation Programme is like nothing else out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for women just like you based on my years of coaching and my own personal experience, but most other programmes out there will leave you…

  • Underwhelmed

    They can be a bit wishy-washy and either difficult to understand (like it just came from a text book) or not substantial enough - more of their personal story than a 'how-to' overcome things yourself.

  • Feeling alone

    You sign up for something and you never hear from them again.

  • Misunderstood

    Unless you are a woman who has been in this situation, who has felt lost, who knows she wants more but doesn't know how to get there, you can't truly understand how it feels. I KNOW how you feel right now. That was me. I get it. And I will always help and hold you safe.

What You Get with the

Signature Transformation Programme

An international, supportive community of women

From the UK, Ireland, US, Canada and New Zealand in the VIP Group. This group has women who are currently doing the programme and women who have done it before - and we're all there to guide and support you. (priceless)x

Weekly Live Coaching Zooms

Where you get your dedicated slot every single week. I offer different times and days so there is something to suit everyone. The zoom calls are between 1-2 hours, but you can jump on your for your bit or you can stay for the whole call and learn from the other beautiful women too.

Your Exclusive Membership Area

 A new ebook and video is released to you every week from Monday morning at 6am. You can choose to watch/read them and do the activities at any point during the week and go back and re-do them at any point. There are also extra resources such as recommended reading lists and bonus videos just for you.

So What Is The Investment?

Option #1

One Time Payment


Option #2

How It Works...

These are the next steps and how you join...

  • PHASE #1 - Join the Programme

    You will get immediate access to the secret VIP group and an email with your login details so you can access Week 1 as soon as we officially start. There will then be a new module released to you every week with a new video and Coaching E-Book.

  • PHASE #2 - Enjoy!

    And breathe... you are never going to be in this journey on your own ever again. From the fab zoom calls where you will make AMAZING friends with the other women, to the VIP group  - you truly will feel supported, empowered and uplifted, have somewhere to hang out whenever you want to, and never feel alone to 'figure it out'. We've got you and will take your hand and whisper "let's do this".

Here is what some of the

wonderful women who have completed the Transformation Programme have to say...

Kate’s approach is down to earth and practical and yet at the same time inspirational and challenging. I’d highly recommend working with Kate, she’ll keep your feet on the ground but your heart and soul will learn to fly. ❤️

Jennifer, UK

I was sharing this week’s Aha moments (from Kate’s Signature  Transformation Programme) with my husband tonight and he started to cry. He said that he had been so worried that I would never be the same again and now that he is starting to see glimmers of my spark again, he’s so happy for me.

Thank you Kate for creating this amazing community, for this wonderful program, and for generally being an outstanding human being. You are making a huge difference to women and to their families. ❤️

Sarah-Jane, Canada

Kate has made me feel more confident in myself. It is ok for me to be my strange self and to make my voice heard...I feel so much happier and calm – a lot calmer than I used to be. Kate has given me the skills to look at situations and decide whether or not it is worth getting upset at/reacting to. 

Fraoch, Ireland

If All This Did For You Was...

  • Finally helped you to talk kindly to yourself and look after YOU...would this be worth it?

  • Gave you all the tools, tips & advice to let go of the past and move forwards feeling lighter, more joyful and energised...would this be worth it?

  • Gave you ALL the resources to make a long term difference to your mindset and motivation...would this be worth it?

YES... Of Course It Would!

And Because I’m So Confident The Signature Transformation Programme 

WILL HELP You on Your Journey I Am Going to Guarantee Your Success.


Put simply - I won’t let you fail.



I know joining something new can seem overwhelming. You're not sure if it's for you. So I want you to try it, risk free. If you engage with this membership, show up, and join in... I know how beautiful this will be for you sweetheart.

Kate Grosvenor Coaching Limited

Signature Transformation Programme

So What Is The Investment?

Option #1

One Time Payment


Option #2

Option #2

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